Avaya ACD time includes Hold time

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Avaya ACD time includes Hold time
Hello everyone,

I have a (probably) basic question which rose up in our call center recently. We're running reports from Avaya CMS v16, and we were wondering if the ACD time includes also hold time. We're inclined to believe that yes since Hold is an ACD status, plus we found some old documentation that seems to indirectly support this, however no clear answer.


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I don't think that it includes hold time
It may depend on which report you are looking at.

Looking at the Agent Inbound/Outbound report

Avg Inbound ACD Time

The average length of all inbound ACD calls answered by this agent that completed during the specified time period.

Looking at ACD time

The DA_ACDTIME item is included in the following database tables:
Agent tables
The length of time that agents spend talking on DA_ACDCALLS. DA_ACDTIME does not include HOLDTIME. DA_ACDTIME is available with the ASAI or EAS feature. This is a cumulative item

There is also another discussion here

Perhaps the best idea would be to set up a new agent and assign to a new split. Phone in on your mobile for 3 miutes, put the caller on hold for one minute in the middle and then look at the reports. This is the only way to tell for sure.

Documentation says ACDTIME does not include HOLDTIME
Quoted from Avaya Call Management System Database Items and Calculations R16:
"The talk time of all ACDCALLS, ACDTIME includes O_ACDTIME but does not include HOLDTIME.
This is a cumulative item."

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