Avaya CMS r17 Report issue

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Avaya CMS r17 Report issue
We have multiple call centers, each has 1-n skills associated. I have an Integrated Agent report that pulls on the skills associated to the call center. I have it pulling Agent, Split, Calls Ans, OB Calls, RONA, StaffedTime, AvailableTime and a few other things. I have found that some agents(like 1 or 2 out of 50) will have the data returned with basically only the current intervals data. Meaning every 30 minutes it resets back to 0. It can do this for the entire day or just an hour or two. I can have 2 different reports pulling close to the same data and have one show fine and the other have agents with data issues. Anyone have any idea of why this would be occurring. I have a ticket open with Avaya, but no word back from them in about a week.


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Could it be a corrupt database table
It's possible that you have a corrupt database table. It may be worth doing a repair function on the database.

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