Avaya CMS Real Time Reporting

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Avaya CMS Real Time Reporting
I have been tasked with creating a CMS report that will show us in real time, the total amount of calls the agent handled and their AHT by Agent Group. I need to show the Agent groups in 2 different tables on the same report. I have searched and cannot find a report that would give me this information by Agent Group. Is anyone familiar with such a view?

Avaya Real Time
Hi Anthony.

This is a tricky one.

Depends what you mean by real time.

Avaya CMS (as far as I am aware)only does the previous interval.
I don't think it's possible to pull a real time feed from the server. It's something I always wanted to do!

The reports are VERY scripted and there are limits to how far
you can customise them.

Although I would be very happy for someone to come along and tell me I'm wrong!

Sorry it's not the answer you wanted.



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