Avaya CMS Report Question

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Avaya CMS Report Question
I am currently getting Crystal installed which I assume will make things a bit easier to me but I have a relatively simple question...

I have 100 VDNs (1-00) and one Skill (55), that skill took 10,000 calls.

I want to understand on which VDN's those calls came from...but obviously I don't want to run 100 VDN reports. Is there an easy basic report I can run that says

VDN 1: 2000 calls
VDN 2: 0 calls
VDN 3: 8000 calls


ps: I miss Nortel :(

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Multi Value Input

I'm not sure if you can get what you need from a skill input, however you can get what you need from a Multi-Value VDN input. This is made easier if your VDNs are in a set range as i think you can only input 50 individual VDNs

Not sure if its essential, but can you confirm if you have the report designer tool ? Basically in the report design input section, select the tick box for VDN input to Multi-Value.

This will let you select the VDNs you need that relate to your skill.

Drop me a line if you need pointers on this



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Thanks for input Lewis
The primary issue I see is that my VDN's are not in any set pattern and are interspersed throughout my range (which is in thousands).

Some of the VDNs/Vectors do not regularly route to this particular skill except in cases of overflow etc which is why I can't run a VDN report.

For example, VDN 1234 goes to Vector 567 which routes to skill 40 as primary but skill 55 after a certain amount of time. So knowing that VDN 1234(vec567) handled 1000 calls isn't really useful to me.

I do have the report designer tool that I have rarely (never) used it, I've been experimenting with it the last hour or so.

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Avaya CMS Report Question

I surgest you first create a VDN group through the dictonary in CMS, Then use the designer tool to build a Multi Day VDN Group profile report.

When this has run will show you

VDN Discription
Calls Offered
Ans in SLA


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If a single VDN routes to multiple skills I still don't see how a VDN group would help.

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Would this help

If one or multiple VDNs route to 1 of 3 skills, from a VDN profile report you can report how many get answered by skill 1 - 3.

In Query1


In summary Query1


Does this help

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Avaya CMS Report Question
With little knowledge that i have on CMS reporting, i am not sure if you can view this with the help of CMS reports. Its been a while since i worked on designer reports... will try and keep you all posted if i find something.


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Didn't find a solution
I didn't find a solution to this yet but my CMS report designer skills have grown considerable since posted so I am going to plunge back in. If anyone has any words of encouragement feel free! :)

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Yes you can!
I use Crystal extensively with Avaya - what you want to do is quite simple and definitely possible. It's been quite a while since you last posted on the topic however; so before I go into the details please let me know if you still need assistance with this.

Hi, How to get misse...
Hi, How to get missed/dropped call, and how to identify which agentID it missed in Avaya CMS.

1.Also,i want to get weekly report in Avaya how much percentage we handled calls and how many missed
2. Abandan call: is that mean only who dropped calls in between speaking or not answered?
3. If any other local agents call missed that also consider as ADAN calls?

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