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I am trying to build a report on AVAYA CMS that will show me by split / skill by interval (15 mins) the calls received, abandoned calls, ACD time, ACW time & hold time.

We measure AHT by ACD, ACW & hold because we have high hold times due to the nature of the business so I need to track this by interval to measure actual performance against target.

Does anyone have any AVAYA CMS expertise that could advise how I pull all these elements together in one report?

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Hi a bit late, sorry I'm not a CMS Report expert but the Historical Split/Skill Reports available are defined in "Avaya CMS Supervisor Reports Release 17 June 2014" starting page 206.

If the out of the box report doesn't cover your needs then you are into the realms of developing a Custom Designer Report.


Staffed Time captured by Aux State
We have a client that only allows billing for Available, On a Call or ACW as a Staffed State. We also need to track exact staffing in 30 minute intervals. Is there any way to capture this data within the top and bottom of the hour? I am being told that if the agent receives a call at 25 minutes after the hour but doesn't complete it until 40 minutes after the hour, all call detail including staffed time will be captured in that second half hour interval. Thanks for any help that you are able to provide


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Sounds right
Generally the Call Detail Record is written to the disk when the call is completed, not when the call arrived. So in that case is would be in the second interval.

CMS Report issue
I'm not getting real time reports in CMS version 18

My PC was replaced and the application is no longer available on my desktop. How would I go about reinstalling the program.


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Contact Avaya
I suggest that you contact Avaya or one of their resellers.

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