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Avaya CMS Reporting Question
Hello All,

I am using CMS Supervisor R14 and have some discrepancies (in total calls offered) between daily reports I run based on VDN inputs and reports I run on the split/skills I know these VDNs to feed. Is it possible to run a report which shows all the VDNs which point to a skill set? Also could the system be set up in such a way that a call queues to one split/skill for a period of time before routing to another?


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I just talk to my CMS Admin in here and this is his anwser.

From: Wallert, Steven [CCC-OT_IT]
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 8:52 AM
To: Otero, Juan C [GCG-NAOT]
Subject: RE: ???

It sounds like she needs a Designer or Custom report created. The answer to her second question is ‘sure’.

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Im pretty sure you cannot run a report in CMS to show all the VDNs that route to a skill. That needs to be done at the ASA terminal. You can use the Maintenance menu to see what skill an individual VDN routes to (if you have permissions) this will show you the first 3 skills in preference order.

As for VDNs routing to more than one skill, yes they can.

Out of curiosity which of the reports has higher calls offered ? If it is the VDN level reports, it could be the VDN is routing to another skill. If its skill, you may be missing a number ?


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list skill
While I don't have switch access at the moment I believe if you do a list skill command it shows you each skill and a bit of information about it, including what vdn feeds it.

Don't know of anyway to do this in custom reports...I've tried.

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Hi Stephen,

It's been a while since your original post and you may well have this sorted now, but if not here's my tuppence worth...

Re your first query; Are you using the applications default reports?

If So...

Without wanting to tell you your job, are you sure you're referencing the ACD Calls field in your VDN report?
These reports, often have an "In Calls" field which collates information about all contact. An ACD calls is one which must have been delivered to a skill (or skills), whereas the "In Calls" field sums all calls received by that VDN whether the traffic was routed into your call centre or disconnected as a result of your Co's out of hours management.

Do the affected vdns have secondary/tertiary skills assigned?
Traffic that is collated against these skills may account for the different between your primary Skill and VDN.

It is possible to write a custom report to pick up details of calls answered by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd skill assigned to a VDN. It should be noted that all abandoned calls will abandon against the primary skill. What's more, you can use the vdn data tables to give some indication on how your system is setup with regard to VDN - Skill mapping. Although this will only return "past-tense" information, unless you have a highly dynamic setup this should give you what you need - (If you want some more info on how to do this feel free to contact me directly).

With regard to routing call onto other skills; this can be achieved through the vectors. You can route calls onto any number of skills, though it is usual practice to use just the three that are assigned to the incoming VDN. If you need to route calls onto subsequent skills this can be done by explicitly stating the skill number. If you do this the switch will automatically dequeue the call from the first skill it was routed to. Traffic can be directed under a variety of conditions, (Longest wait, available agents, length of queue, etc, etc)


Hello Steve: I am ne...
Hello Steve: I am new to this site and run various reports in Avaya CMS Supervisor and although you may have answered the question I am going to ask, because I don't have clarity I am going to ask anyway and would appreciate if you are able to respond. There are actually two questions and my first question is (1) Is there a report in CMS Supervisor that can be run that shows all incoming calls to the Avaya One system whether answered or abandoned; and (2) What is the difference in the Split/Skill summary interval report and the vdn summary interval report which seems to have the same information but there are differences. Today is Wednesday, August 31. Thank you

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What all things can ...
What all things can be reported at VDN level and what not in comparison with the skill level reporting?


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There are a number o...
There are a number of VDN reports

VDN Call Profile
VDN Graphical Call Profile
VDN Skill Preference
VDN Report

You can see more details in the reference guide

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