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Hi, does anybody know what database items/ calculations I will need in report designer to create a report that will give me calls answered and abandoned every 5 secs for each skill with a total at the top

This will allow me to manually remove all calls before 15secs so I can report on it
Thank you in advance

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Hi Karun,

You don't actually need to use Reoprt Desingner to achive this.

If you go to commands > Call Centre Administration > Operations > Then select "Split / Skill Call Profile Setup.

Select your skill then add service level increments of 5 secs. Also set your "Acceptable Service Level" to 15 secs. This means you wont have to manually remove them.

Now you can view results in Reports > Historical > Split/Skill > Call Profile Daily. This will show the information you require. You can also view in real time reports under "Call Profile".





thank you...that worked


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