Avaya CMS Supervisor R18 - calls released report

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Avaya CMS Supervisor R18 - calls released report
Hi all, I'm a beginner about avaya cms and I need your help to create two new reports.
I use Avaya CMS Supervisor R18 and I would need:

1) historical report that shows aht/att of the calls released by the agents:

agent, date, n. calls handled, number of calls released, aht/att calls released

2) historical report that displays number of calls released by agents under 15 seconds:

agents, date, n. calls, aht/att for each call under 15 seconds

how could I do?
I am not practical and I would ask you the detailed steps, let me know if you need more information.
thanks in advance!

Not Possible
Sorry, but what you are looking for is not something that could be explained by providing a few steps. Some of the data you're looking for does exist in the CMS database, however, it would be a complex endeavour to retrieve it and then to represent it in a useful way.

The best advice I could offer would be to contact an Avaya product specialist who could provide a solution for you. The directory on this website may be useful to help you find a company who could assist.

Hi Fede. Can ...
Hi Fede.

Can you let me know what you mean by calls released?

I've some experience with CMS and BCMS so *may* be able to help.
Just let me know.



Sorry, Should hav...
Should have added.
Are you after all releases or Agent only.

It looks like you specify Agent, however, that flag
may be difficult to get at.

Let me have a play.




Call Centre Helper

You could look at call detail records
I think that in the Call detail records it says the call duration and who terminated the call.

Not sure if you can access this through CMC or if you have to export it to a spreadsheet.

OK, Got a res...

Got a result, but, not an ideal one.

If you run a call-by-call report... and... you can only run an hour at a time.
Then dump the results into Excel in the format Excel 2003-2007 DATA ONLY (last part is important. Then....

1) Resize columns and rows so everything fits.

Col A contains timing data (Strip out call ID)
Col B has event status so you can see call release
Col C is the Agent ID Data
Cols D&E you can ignore
Col F has two things you are looking for. DISC SRC: CLD PRTY = Agent
and DISC SRC: CLNG PRTY = Customer.

Now unfortunately here it gets complicated as the report generates a new line
for each trigger event, so, we need to filter out the junk.

For example, a simple call has:

08:03:56 Local Call Released
08:03:56 Continuation
However a complex call can look like this (deliberate BIG example picked):
08:00:20 Local Call Arrived
08:00:20 Handed Over to Master Application
08:00:20 Give Ringback
08:00:22 Application Interflowed
08:00:22 Task Flow Handed Off
08:00:22 Call Entered IVR Queue
08:00:23 IVR Call Session Begin
08:00:23 Play Prompt
08:00:39 Play Prompt Ended
08:00:39 Digit Collection
08:00:39 Digit Collection Ended
08:00:40 IVR Call Session End
08:00:40 Call Entered IVR Queue
08:00:41 IVR Call Session Begin
08:00:41 Play Prompt
08:00:44 Play Prompt Ended
08:00:45 IVR Call Session End
08:00:45 Call Entered IVR Queue
08:00:46 IVR Call Session Begin
08:00:46 Play Prompt
08:00:57 Play Prompt Ended
08:00:57 Digit Collection
08:00:57 Digit Collection Ended
08:00:58 IVR Call Session End
08:00:58 Call Entered IVR Queue
08:00:59 IVR Call Session Begin
08:00:59 Play Prompt
08:01:10 Play Prompt Ended
08:01:10 IVR Call Session End
08:01:10 Give Route To
08:01:34 Local Call Arrived
08:01:34 Handed Over to Master Application
08:01:34 Give Ringback
08:01:36 Application Interflowed
08:01:36 Task Flow Handed Off
08:01:36 Queued To Skillset
08:01:36 Dequeued From Skillset
08:01:36 Call Presented
08:01:39 Local Call Answered
08:03:52 Local Call Released

So, you'll need to strip the extraneous lines of routing out dependant on your report
requirements, but, bear in mind Col C (agent ID) only populates on one line, so, you
first need to copy down the Agent ID for each row it relates to.

Hope this helps.



Invalid Example
Hi Dave,

The example data (and the report name, "Call By Call") you've supplied looks like it's coming from AACC/ACCS/Symposium rather than CMS.


The Call Record report is available through CMS Supervisor, but only if the a value has been specified for the number of Call Records to retain (up to 99,999), in the server configuration. There is a flag in that report (as well in the External Call History equivalent data) called AGT_RELEASED which is set when an agent releases ACD calls. There's more data about that on pages 19/20 of this doc: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100170083. The doc is for CMS R17 but is still relevant for R18.

Trace By Location
I use the "Trace By Location" report under HISTORICAL > AGENT > TRACE BY LOCATION to get a detailed call-by-call daily report. This report would give you individual call data (time call came in, lasted, ACW time, # dialed while call was live, # call came from, and if agent or caller released the call). You would have to first activate the trace (under Agent Administration) on any agent desired, also, the report cannot be pulled for the current day's data. Hopefully this helps!

I've done this
For complex reports and forgone the Avaya CMS interface and collect data directly from the CMS tables, dump them into SQLite3 or SQL Server and build my reports from there. My call center managers have near real-time CMS Call Records. They can search by DNIS, Agent, Skill, Incoming/Outgoing etc. It's proved very helpful.

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