Avaya CMS Supervisor Reports: How do I block specific numbers from counting towards outbound talk time?

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Avaya CMS Supervisor Reports: How do I block specific numbers from counting towards outbound talk time?
Hello Community,

We have Avaya CMS Supervisor v18.0 in our sales site. Admittedly, I know nothing about the software except how to run a pre-defined report that shows outbound call time, inbound call time, and aux time.

Is there a way to make it so specific phone numbers do not count towards outbound talk time on this report? I would like to make it so when I run the report, our reps are not getting credit for calling internal support numbers instead of making actual outbound sales calls.

Some options
Hi Tim,

There's nothing that's quite as straight forward as just adding some numbers to a list but you do have a few options:

1. Requires a small amount of report designer skill - CMS does make a distinction between outbound calls made on and off the switch. In the CMS database, there are four fields: AUXOUTCALLS, AUXOUTOFFCALLS, ACWOUTCALLS, ACWOUTOFFCALLS. The ones without "OFF" are the total number of outgoing calls. The ones with "OFF" are the ones made off the switch (e.g. to your customers). The difference between the two is the number made on the switch (e.g. to you support teams). There are duration equivalent fields called AUXOUTTIME, AUXOUTOFFTIME, ACWOUTTIME, ACWOUTOFFTIME.

2. If you're not keen on creating a designer report - When making outbound calls, the system will default to AUX reason code 0 for the duration of the call. The exceptions to this are if the agent is on an inbound call, if they are in After Call Work, or if they are already in another AUX reason code. A simple method would be to ask the agent to select a specific AUX code when making certain outbound calls. You could then deduct the duration of that particular AUX code from the outbound time to get a rough number. It will never be 100% accurate and there isn't an equivalent to get the number of calls.

3. The most technical but most flexible solution - Use the call records data to get call by call detail. This would allow you to filter or represent the data almost any way you like. The data would require manipulation and interpretation outside of CMS (such as in Excel) and although it is a native capability of your version of CMS, it's likely that it's not currently switched on. The IT product owners in your company may be able to assist you with this.

For a quick solution, option 1 would be the most effective for you. You will require the "Report Designer" permissions to achieve this. Assuming you have them, there's plenty of information available via Google on how to add fields to an existing CMS report.

Hope this gives you enough information to go on.

Best Regards,

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