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Does anybody out there use Avaya IQ? If so do you have any feedback on it? Any particularly good features or any challenges?

I'd really appreciate any comments.

Kind Regards


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Yes it sucks.

Had it for over 2 months now and it's a nightmare trying to figure out what some of the calculations are.

AHT, Occupancy, various different terms.

Hi Bouchardgingras

Thank you for your honesty!

Did you have training when it was installed?


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Yes, training was part of the package.

My organization received training on Avaya IQ Standard Reporting and we will be trained on customized reporting in the coming weeks.

IQ is new to me too. We were using CMS 13.

How familiar are you with this product?

Not massively. Users are currently on CMS 13 too. IQ is just being installed now; user training on the standard reporting is yet to follow. Any tips on how to get the most out of it / our time with contractors?


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Well my first recommendation being that the product is installed is knowing the type of training that was negotiated.

Is it for Standardized reporting, Customized reporting?

Secondly, be on top of the data elements. As you can and will see that will probably be your biggest challenge as the terminology for some of the data elements are vastly different.

Example: VDN (CMS World) = Routing Point (Avaya IQ World)

ASA (CMS World) = Avg Wait Dur. to Accept

ACD Calls = Handles (*** My organization uses Accepts)

Thank you, that's really useful.

We’ve opted for the standard reporting training as we believe our business requirements to be standard. However, there is a concern that what is standard on CMS may be customised on IQ.

Does this sound familiar?

The two Avaya products are quite different so trying to make IQ work like CMS can be tricky but also in the end not really beneficial. A clear understanding of Agent states and when measures are attributed is required. e.g. ACDCALLS = Handles. Both attribute when a call completes wrap up (ACW). However IQ also has accepts (Answered Calls) which attribute when a call is answered. This improves service level analysis as IQ Acceptables is based upon accepts and CMS ACCEPTABLE is based upon ACDCALLS.

You may also notice the issue on CMS where a call seems to have been answered once the call center is closed. This is again due to ACDCALLS rather than accepts.

With good training the customization options on IQ are significant. You can use statements for calculated columns such as IF, CASE, TRUNC, SUBSTRING as well as facilities such as call profiles being a calculation such as:

total((if ( [Routing Point Measures].[Wait Dur., Seconds] between 0 and 20) then ([Routing Point Measures].[Abandons] )else (0)) for [Queue & Routing Point Performance].[Routing Point].[Routing Point],[Queue & Routing Point Performance].[Routing Point Group].[Routing Point Group])

This counts the abandoned calls for a VDN (Routing Point) that have had 0-20 seconds wait time. By adjusting the calculation you can put in any time option or use other data such as hold time or active (ACDTIME).

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