Average speed of answer planning

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Average speed of answer planning
I work in a contact centre which has an average speed of answer target of 80 seconds. We are currently implementing a WFM tool which requires us to input a X% calls answered in Xsecs target. I'm struggling with how to convert our current target (which can't be changed at the moment) and wondered if anyone could help?

Service level
You should be able to get actual service level results from your ACD from in the past. Look for previous intervals where you hit right around 80 ASA and see what the corresponding SL was.


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You should be able to see this from an Erlang C Calculation/ Calculator
Stefan probably gives the easiest way to work this out.

An alternative would be to look at the Erlang C formula. The maths is quite complex and is explained here
Section 15 gives the equation for the probablity a call waits vs the average speed of answer.
I have not go the time to work it out.

But if you plug your figures into the Erlang Calcualtor you can get a rough link between average speed of answer and service level. You need to set max occupancy to 100% though to see it.
So let's assume that AHT is 180 seconds. Put in the 180 and adjust the number of calls and the service level to get an average speed of answer to around 80 seconds.
If you put in 2000 calls per 30 minutes, AHT 180 seconds, 80% of calls answered in 130 seconds (max occupancy of 100%) you will get the average speed of answer at 75 seconds.

So a rough answer is 80% of calls answered in 130 seconds.

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