Back office interval wise FTE calculation

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Back office interval wise FTE calculation
Hi All,

We have one back office process where AHT target is 73 minutes (4380 Sec), i want to plot calculate the half hourly interval wise FTE requirement, How i can do that. I know I would be easier if AHT was less than 30 minutes. But I am not able to get any idea how I can calculate half hourly FTE requirement here. Any help would be appreciated. Moreover, Since this is back office process TAT is to close the one particular case is 5 days.


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Erlang is no Good
This is a tricky one as Erlang won't work here. The problem is that the AHT target is longer than one hour.

You may have better luck using the simulator as this does shows the problem of overhang.

Otherwise you may have to build your own simulator in Excel.

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