Bad Performance Feedback

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Bad Performance Feedback

So I want to give a feedback for the team for not taking ownership and showing empathy to the customers, any samples?

Ownership and showing empathy should be looked at on an individual basis. You should have recorded examples and have the individual listen to their own call and ask them how they think the call went. If you have not provided written and verbal expectations, you need to before any feedback can be provided. The person needs to know what you expect for them and then the team as a whole needs to know what you expect. If this has already been established, then you need to hone in on the behavior. Once you pinpoint the person, and the behavior you should do what I call spot coaching. This should never be done in front of people. Take the person in your office, explain the bad behavior, provide what the expectation is, and tell them what they did. You should also insert what they did well in the situation - feedback can't be all negative. I like to call it a feedback sandwich. Here is what you did right. Here is an opportunity to improve. Here is something you continue to do well. If the behavior continue, then you may need to do a verbal counselling and create a corrective path. That way it's all out in the open and on paper for your records. I hope this helps.

I believe its best t...
I believe its best to have the agent worker be made aware of others results. The discipline must come straight from you to the whole team. I do not shy away from big groups. My opinion and task is to publicly announce incorrect behaviors to the whole team. It is a self regulation which prevents further repeat bad behavior. The psychology impact is great as the whole team is now made aware. Productivity will increase guaranteed.

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