Benchmark for customer propensity to contact

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Benchmark for customer propensity to contact
Looking for any benchmarking or guidelines on how to predict how many customers will contact for help in a given period. For example if you have 20,000 credit card customers. On average how many of those customer would contact the contact center for help?


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Depends considerably
It depends considerably on the type of business, and the nature of the call.

It tends to range from 0.5 calls per customer per year to 5 calls per customer per year.

The only ways to get a better picture is
- 1. Examine existing numbers of calls and compare that to the customer base
- 2. Ask another creit card company. You may be able to find a contact centre manager on Linkedin and ask them.
- 3. Do a search on Google. I googled Barclaycard calls per year and found an article sayin that they took 20 Million calls per year from 21 Million customers. So that suggests a ratio of 1 call per customer per year.

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