Benefits of increasing SL from 30 seconds to 60 seconds

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Benefits of increasing SL from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
Hello, colleagues from call centre world!

In our, mainly inbound call centre we are currently thinking about raising Service level target on our main customer line from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Please, do you have someone some experience with making a similar change inside your call centre?
Can you please describe some pros or cons of this decision and what can we expect?
Our expectations are savings in agent capacities, but we really don't know how to calculate it.

A lot of thanks!




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It is a false economy
I would not advise changing your targets as it would be a false economy. Sure you may be able to save a few people, but it would create a much worse customer experience and since more people abandon, it may actually increase your call volumes. It could also increase AHT as customers are more upset when they call you.

Additional info...
Thank you for the answer. Let me add more info about our situation - we are utility based business (energy), our customers make on average about 1,25 calls per year. Our monthly SL is around 75% with a 30sec SL target. With a 60sec target, it could be around 85%. Important info is that we are using green line (0800), so customers can hang on line before connection without worries about phone bills or being fed up.
So, it seems that is everything OK for now, but we are expecting an increase in our traffic.
We have two options, increase SL target or hire more agents to meet the future requirements. In our situation, we think that increasing SL can be done (maybe) without delivering worse CX, but we don't know how to calculate savings on capacities or how to determine other pros and cons of these change...
Any tips please?? Thank you...


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To calculate the impact use an Erlang Calculator
Hi Michal

The best way to observe the impact is to use an Erlang calculator. You can see using this what the impact on headcount would be.

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