Berekening aantal chats per uur bij occupied uur of utilized uur

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Berekening aantal chats per uur bij occupied uur of utilized uur
Hoe bereken je het aantal chats per uur als de gemiddelde AHT 745 seconden is en 2 chats tegelijk afhandelt, bij een occupied uur (92.5% occupied) en bij een utilized uur (87.1%) ?

Translation - How do you calculate the number of chats per hour if the average AHT is 745 seconds and handles 2 chats simultaneously, with an occupied hour (92.5% occupied) and with a utilized hour (87.1%)?


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There is no easy way of forecasting LiveChats
The closest that I can recommend is to take the number of chats and divide this by a factor.

So if you can handle up to 2 chats simultaneously there will be times with 0 chats , some with 1 and some with 2 chats. So ion this case I would use the factor of 1.5

So if you had 1500 chats per hour with 2 simultaneous chats that would equate to workload of 1000 chats per hour with no simultaneous chats.

You then run the numbers through an Erlang calculator

calculate the number of chats per hour
I do not think you can get an answer with such little information.
1) Is the desired occupancy of 92.5% of the utilized hour? Is the calculation ((60*.871)*.925) = 48.3 Minutes. Is that the time available to take the chats??

2) Do you have a team of 1 or a team of 10 or a team of 100? Larger teams can produce far more predictable occupancy with higher chat volumes. Very, very, rarely do you see consistent chat volumes and consistent agent performance in a contact center that allows you to "plugin" a desired occupancy.

3) There are no concerns about service level or response time?

That said here some math to consider for an ideal world:
A) If a Chat takes 12.43 minutes (745 AHT/60) and you have 48.3 working minutes in each hour, then one agent could get 3.9 chat done in that time.

B) If they genuinely can get 2 chats done simultaneously, then one agent could get 7.8 chats done each hour.

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