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What is the best forecasting method you can recommend? We handle campaigns with very low volume and we have high volume campaigns?

Please let me know of the different forecasting methodology you follow and is working effectively.

Thank you.

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I would need need the answer. which one is related which and how?


1) agents

2) agentsasa

3) callcapacity

4) utilization


A) (Agents, SLA, ServiceTime, AHT)

B) (Agents, CallsPerHour, AHT)

C) (SLA, ServiceTime, CallsPerHour, AHT)

D) (ASA, CallsPerHour, AHT

If some can help me out to understand the above.

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Different campaigns may require different techniques. The most common ones used are ARIMA (and variations), Box-Jenkins, Holt-Winters, other exponential smoothing techniques, time series etc. however, all of them stand or fall with the accuracy of you business driver mapping.

For most of us in the field, these advanced mathematical techniques are a bit too complex to work out on our own. But luckily, there is help.

You might want to take a look at it's certainly helped us attain a better forecast accuracy.


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I agree with Dannis.

Holt-Winters has been the mainstream of many contact centre forecasts over the years. This is a link to a spreadsheet template that uses this:

ARIMA is now being used by the Office of National Statistics, but as I understand it tends to need you to have fairly replicable patterns to your data.

The downside of nearly all forecast models is that they tend to require at least two years of data for them to have any reasonable degree of accuracy about them.

There is no one size fits all answer.

The trick is to get a real understanding of what drives customers to call your number. Is it a seasonal thing? Are calls driven by specific events within the company's control (eg sending out bills or advertising)? Or events outside the company's control (eg technical failures).

Once you have an understanding of the drivers it simply becomes a story of studying and analyzing the historical data to be able to identify the trends that will contribute to your forecast.



There are certain types of Workforce Management Software that specialize in that type of thing. The one we use lets you use historical data from your ACD...but then add campaign percentages (estimates taken from other campaigns. And then it tells you exactly how many staff members you need to support it. I dont know what we did without it.

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