Best Incoming Contacts calculation

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Best Incoming Contacts calculation
Assuming I receive some few days 4000 contacts/calls and other 800, what is the best number to put into the Incoming Contact parameter on the Erlang calculator? 4000 as the maximum @ of calls received even though we have that pike not very often or and average of all days or something else?


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First try to predict demand and variance
The first thing to do is to understand the demand and variance (i.e. create a forcast).

You will probably find that there are external factors that can impact your demand - marketing, weather, billing cycles, product launches, day of week, month of year etc.

Once you understand these then you should be able to model demand more accurately.

You can then generate a staffing pattern. The key is that your average is to meet your service level target.

So if you have 800 calls 4 days of the week (800 * 4 = 3200)and 4000 on one day of the week, then that means
800 * 4 + 4000 = 7200 calls per week.

To answer 80% of them in service level you would need to meet 80% of the 7200 calls = 5760 calls.

So you on the 4 quiet days you would need to answer all 800 calls = 3200 calls. This leaves 5760 - 3200 = 2560 calls to answer on the busy day.

So in this case 2560 calls is the average amount that you would need to staff for to meet service level across the week.

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