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We currently use Real Time reporting via a PC to montior the call flows/volumes. We are looking into introducing Wallboards but are unsure at to what types of reporting would be best utlised on a Wallboard. We were thinking the typical Service/Abandon level, AHT.

Can anyone tell me about what types of report they use that have given them the most benefit?

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Hi Harj,

We used to show Abandon %, but stopped showing this, as agents don't really have control over it. I tend to take the view that it is best to show information which the agents can influence, and which can in turn influence them.

We show total agents in free status, Busy and On a call. We often found that after a flurry of calls, everyone gets up to get a drink, or they all seem to go into busy to do various bits.

We have found that having this info is useful to the agents, as it gives them a better view of what the team are doing, and when might be good for them to step away from their desks.

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