Best locations for new call centre

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Best locations for new call centre
Hi, we are looking to set up a new telesales team and are totally geographically flexible. Head office is in SE England but we have no ties to that area. What we are looking for is areas with an established talent pool kind of similar in principle to Logistics in the Midlands if you like. I hear that S Wales, NE England & Glasgow area are all good but any more precise locations/towns/business parks would be great?

Totally new to this so any help/advice is most welcome!


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Lots of good locations
It's difficult to be certain but as long as there is a reasonable sized town then the choice comes down to other factors.

South Wales - Newport, Cardiff, Swansea
North East - Sunderland or Gateshead
Scotland - Dundee, Glasgow, Fife or Edinburgh
North - Leeds or Manchester

There are some areas where the regional accent is less liked - Liverpool and Birmingham are cited in this article.

That's great thanks, do you know of any specific locations within those cities?


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Commercial Property Search
This is probably the phase where you would need to do a search for suitable commercial property for suitable buildings. You need to watch out for good public transport links and car parking is a serious issue to be addressed as you tend to have more people working in a contact centre than most commercial property.
Take a look at this article

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