better interpretation for a daily report

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better interpretation for a daily report

INTERNET - A difficult day. We should already note that there is a known under-capacity, the high dropout rate of 30%
I would like a better interpretation of the dropout rate of AHT and the rate of absenteeism to optimize my daily report
mainly due to the increase in calls received by 8% vs the forecast and the absenteeism rate of 15.3%, knowing that the budgeted target is 13%. The TMT was 64 seconds over target.
"MOBILE - The 19% dropout rate is explained by the high absenteeism rate of 17% and a 65 second MTT increase above the budgeted target.
CABLE - the 26% dropout rate is 10 points above target; the reason is mainly the under-capacity because we had 6% fewer calls than forecast but a TMT up 8 seconds from target; note that absenteeism rates (4.8%) and off-line activities (31%) respected the predetermined target."


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It looks like you are over capacity and not under capacity
You need to map all of the calls by half hour interval across the day to see where the problem arises.

But it looks like you are really understaffed. This would also explain your high absenteeism rate of 17%.

What Occupancy target are you using?

thank you for your a...
thank you for your answer, for the target occupancy rate is 85%, but on the road at full capacity, unfortunately it is the reality, now my question is to find a nice text rt a better interpretation which is better and more explanatory than mine to explain the numbers,

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