Boosting Moral

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A recent survey completed in our Contact Centre has revield moral is low.

Has anyone got any suggestions or experience on how to boost moral?



Contact Centre Operations Manager


Hi Katie

Running an incentive over the course of a month or a few weeks getting everyone across the centre involved somehow always makes a big difference. Our Contact Centre is supporting Sports Relief again this year in March and we're conducting a lot of pre-event activities across the centre and this really helps engagement, morale and motivation. Even just an incentive on best call or compete teams against each other in performance/quality will work well.



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Dwr Cymru Customer Services

Thanks for your response Dan.

We run incentives every month and the prize is a Trophy (for the month) and sweets.

Its been suggested that its not much of an incentive to want to take part.

As you can imagine, all companies in this climate are trying to save money.

What sort of prizes do you offer?



To begin with, do you know why morale is low?

Is there a driving factor that's causing / triggering

the drop in staff satisfaction?

The idea of offering incentives is all well and good, but,

doesn't tackle the underlying issues and problems. It's more

of a Band-Aid on the situation. You're going to have to dig

a bit deeper and start looking at doing a root cause analysis.

As a starter try pulling together a few focus groups from

within the agent community, give them opportunity to talk

stressing that it is totally confidential, and, that their

free and frank views are required regardless of how painful

it may be to you. :-)

This should then give you the insight to start addressing

those issues YOU CAN. Obviously you are not going to be able

to guarantee Smoked Salmon and Caviar on the menu once a week

but, can probably get some quick wins.

Hope it helps as a starter.

Good luck, do please let us know how you get on...



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Dwr Cymru Customer Services

Thanks Dave,

We are running through the concerns during team meetings and we have also created an Employee Engagement Team who focus on these areas.

The main areas of concern are, the total benefits package we provide, (pay/bonus)Lack of opportunities to progress.

Both areas, are out of our control.

Can you provide any suggestions or quick wins?



Contact Centre Operations Manager


Hi Katie

We find that we get the best response from staff when we offer time off as a prize. This can range from extra 30 mins lunch or up to 1 day leave. This really encourages everyone to get involved as it is something of interest to all.

Hope this helps



Provide worker perks such as casual Friday, free lunches, and money bonuses or gift certificates.Understand that the work surroundings can greatly affect worker morale.Encourage communication between employees and management.Make sure the values and ethics of the company are of those employees can take pride in. Find ways to make life more pleasant in general for workers.Be loyal to your employees.Give employees a chance to help others.Change the atmosphere.

Have Fun!

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