Bringing Joy to the Work Place.

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Bringing Joy to the Work Place.

I was answering the thread started by Marianne, and this topic came up to my mind.

This is a topic that I speak of at Organisations, as a method to improve the Morale and Motivation.

At call centres - (inbound) especially where the average incoming call rate ranges between 2-4 per members - most likely a Tech Support or a Grievance Handling Centre the waiting time for the call could be quite distracting.

Thankfully where there are good products and the Vendors live upto the promises made during the Sale, the incoming calls can be low while the Support Team is Ready - waiting for a Call, if it comes through.

In these cases one of the things that works is to enable the Members of the Call Handling Team to personalise their work place.

While it appears to be the most natural thing to do - it is noted that the personalisation takes on the form of making your work space more talked about.

As a Team leader I'd suggest that the Team Leader can use this method to get to know each of his team members better.

Can we share those little tricks and tips that worked, so that it makes it interesting and rewarding for every one.

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more privileges for top performers, so when they work well, they are assured the are happy.

The philosophy: A happy worker is a good worker, basically, their performance depends on their happiness in the job, so if you make them motivate themselves as a good worker to win the privileges, they motivate themselves to be happy and then become good workers, and then you give them privileges and the good workers become HAPPIER! It's a wheel. That's why I like India's flag a lot. They have a lot of philosophy that actually works.

For more tips,

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Hi Luke !


Your idea of Team Outing is indeed a good one. Implemented properly, it permits the outing to be an excellent team building exercise - an exercise not limited to Call Centres.

While providing the mail address is primarily intended to permit other members to get in touch with you with queries or requests calling for a degree of one to one - ideas and jokes and general stuff that can be discussed in open forums can be discussed further. So do keep posting.


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