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I have recently noticed Anxiety when buddying up and wondered if anyone had a cure for this.

I guess it is kinda normal and I noticed that even though i have budded up before someone tagged on to my line whilst I am talking to a customer appears to cause a kind of anxiety that could be related to be criticized whilst on a customer conversation.

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Is this a new situation you have found yourself in? Is the anxiety a new feeling?

It could be attributed to some negative feedback you have received, which has caused you to experience a type of stage fright.

Everyone feels a little extra pressured when they know someone is watching or listening in to their conversation. They feel they have to perform. I can never seem to type when someone is watching. It is a completely normal feeling.

The only "cure" is boosting your self confidence in your ability to do your job. The anxiety may never go away completely, but it could be reduced and eventually ignored.

Hope this helps




Thanks for responding Hannah,

This is a fairly new post and the confidence in the work could be partly the problem.. because i feel I am not totally sure of all the aspects of the job as yet.. And I guess I am a naturally a anxious person I guess, even though I have worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years but never worked in a callentre environment where there are things like AVHT and aherence and quality assessments.

Thanks for tip on handling this issue but how do you suggest raising confidence in the ability to do the job... other than practice and time.

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Carillion Plc

I would suggest discussing your anxiety with your line manager in a 121 situation.

You can always complete a SWOT analysis for yourself, just by identifying your weaknesses can often increase confidence as you can proactively start building on these. It will also allow you to play towards your strengths. Ask your line manager to complete a SWOT of how you appear to others. and discuss the results. This is always the first step I take when developing any of my team.

Ask for regular feedback on your performance.

There is naturally an element of unease when starting a new role or in a new company.

Hope any of the above helps





When you say a SWOT of how I appear to others... Do you mean how I appear to others in my local environment or how I appear to others from the customers view.

I only ask because I am already aware that i am perceived as a pretty quiet individual in the office,,a type of person that likes to come in and get on with it rather than chit chat.

I do get regular feedback mainly todo with hitting and achieving the targets that are set in place by the company in terms of customer service...

SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities & Threats.

Users of SWOT - Your organisation/ Manager/supervisor will ask you to answer questions that generate meaningful information for each category (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to make the analysis useful and find their competitive advantages.

Confidence grows with time, your nervous because its all new to you and your frightened of failing.

The quickest way to gain confidence is know what your need to to do. If your selling know the process inside out and most importantly know your product.

If your customer service, know your complaints procedures inside out how far you can handle a complaint/ client till it needs to be flagged and moved to a more qualified advisor. The more you know the more your confidence will grow.

Training is all to often lacking in the larger call centres but that doesn't mean you cant educate your self...



Thanks for your response Bailey.

So I had the side by side and although nerve racking... I found deep breathing through the process helps.. and different to previous side by sides in that I don't hold on to my energy and get flustered but instead let it out whilst remaining clam...

Your right on with the training lacking and I think that this part of my problem.. but as you said finding a few key experienced people that are open and PLEASED to help and are keen to make sure you understand system processes .. i.e have natural empathy towards your situation instead of looking for helping with an aim of progression and rushing the processes.. really helps..

The side by side seemed to indicate that I needed to work on assertiveness however I think I was being assertive at various points in the customer conversation. Can you comment on this..

Its difficult to comment when I can not hear the the conversation in question.

Your colleagues probably have no wish to train new starters as the general consensus is usually 'we don't get paid to train' which is true.

Your 'side by side'is probably a 'quick fix' to the lack of training issues in the room so some one who knows a little bit more than you do is sent round to coach you. This is not Ideal for many reasons the main one being they don't know enough in the first place to train/guide/improve your skills.

Knowing what you are doing and being confident in your abilities will massively reduce anxiety.

If your selling a product, get on the internet and find out as much as you possibly can about it, its true what they say knowledge is power.

If your customer service the more you know and can help them the better you will fair, how ever good manners, ears that listen and the ability to empathise with your client will carry you further than most realise.

Push your managers for further training.



It is strange that the team manager has taken on the responsibility of doing the side by side rather than the so called team coach..

I did a side by side with the team coach previously but was not offered any helpful advice but instead given details on what was missing in the conversation with the customer and what i should have done better.

There appears to be no issue with my empathy and listening skills as i am very good in this area.

The quality assessments seem to indicate a structured approach in the customer conversation appears to be lacking together with a lack of assertiveness..

I will take your advice on board on knowledge is power.

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