Buiding relationship between QAM Team and Call Centre Agents

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I recently joined a new company and my first objective is to rebuild the rapport between Call centre agents and the Quality Assurance monitoring team. Any suggestions on how I should go about that and what actions plans to put in place?

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Hey pmdikola

Been there, its a tough job, the best peice of advice I can give is this, include them in any new monitoring or measurement you look to use, getting them onside early with an input is key and will avoid the veiw that the agents never get a say, be as transparent as possible, set your stall out early about what your expectations are and exactly what your looking for. Be prepared to listen to any challenges the agents may have, if your wrong (we are all human) dont be afraid to admit the error and correct it.

Do that peice and you will have a strong starting point.


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You have an interesting task pmdikola, and I am sure very good things will come from the objective. I experienced the same challenge when I started in my QA role, due to the timing of when our quality program was established.

I definitely agree with ERAC123, to be as transparent as possible, listening to the challenges and be able to admit errors/oversights with the willingness to correct it as that builds the trust.

One very important exercise we include in our quality program is weekly calibration sessions. As the team’s Quality Analyst, I host the meeting and invite 5-10 agents, during the session we listen to three calls taken by their peers and score them together (the calls can be good or bad). I found that some agents were shy at first, but were able to become comfortable expression their ideas and opinions about the calls. It maintains an open dialogue/discussion about the calls and how they tie back to the call model. The agents really enjoy the sessions, as they feel their opinions is valued by QA and team leaders.

I assume your organization has a call model, but if it does not…perhaps that would be another great starting point for you…QA and agents working as a team to create an effective model.


Quality Assurance Officer


Thank you for your feedback your input is highly appreciated.

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