Building Erlang A Calculator in Excel

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Building Erlang A Calculator in Excel
I used the example calculation for the Erlang C formula (found here: to build out a model to determine the number of agents required for our call center at various times for each day of the week in Excel. I was hoping to work in the Erlang A formula, so we could account for the abandoned calls. I was able to find some information on the Erlang A formula here: , but I am unable to find any information on building out this calculation in Excel. Could you offer any guidance or provide any examples on how to do this? Thanks in advance!


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It is not a trivial task
Building an Erlang calculator is not a trivial task and took me around 6 months to master it.

The easy solution is to use the Erlang A formula that is built into the Abandons results of the Erlang calculator.

Because of the propensity of Erlang A to underestimate the number of agents, I have used Erlang A for just the number of abandons.

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