Calculate overflow

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Calculate overflow
Hi all,
For our CS we want to create an overflow to a extern call center for peak periods and calls outside of our SL.
For this business case i need to calculate how many calls we expect to go the extern call centre. What is the best way to calculate this?


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Determine your threshold
It's really a question of determining what the threshold is for overflow.

So is it calls waiting more than 20 seconds or is it all calls that wait.

You should be able to then look at the results of an Erlang C calculation to figure out how many calls will make this threshold.

Hi Jonty, Thanks ...
Hi Jonty,
Thanks you for you help. Which erlang calculator do you suggest?
I think we want to start with 60 sec waiting.

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Hi I would input you...
Hi I would input your levels into our free calculator;

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