Calculate required staff to cover extended operating hours

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Calculate required staff to cover extended operating hours
Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to quickly work out, for budgetary purposes, how many extra FTE would be required if I changed operating hours from 8-5, M-F to 8-8 M-Sat without having to build a rostering model. The work performed is not immediate so there's no need to use an Erlang approach. I thought I could do a simple workload formula but I couldn't work it out.


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Extrapolate out demand
In essence you need to extrapolate the extra demand from the increased hours.

One way is 8-5, M-F = 45 hours per week and 8-8 M-Sat = 72 hours per week, but I doubt that you have 60% extra latent demand.

You could also look at call arrivals from out of hours. This will give you some clues.

Perhaps a better angle would be to examine timing of web traffic to get the demand profile.

In the absence of the above I would take an estimate of the latent demand, say 10% extra during the week.

So if you had 1000 calls per day with 9 hours open, you would expect 1100 calls per day with 12 hours open.

I would then use the default profiles in the Erlang calculator for 10 and 12 hours to get staffing demand.

But there is probably no substitute for extending opening hours with a small number of staff and measuring actual demand.

Thanks Jonty
I'll play around with your ideas

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