Calculating Absenteeism

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Calculating Absenteeism
Hi Everyone. I have a question regarding calculating unplanned absenteeism shrinkage. In your centers do you calculate it against all scheduled hours, or scheduled hours minus PTO. Unplanned Absenteeism/(Scheduled Hours - PTO Hours). Same question would apply for OPA(off phone activity) such as coaching, meetings, training etc, it would be against the staff that you planned on having in the office, correct?

I think I found my answer!
Adopt a 2-stage process
I have always adopted a simple methodology: include all items that mean people are not available to serve customers. Doing anything less is simply kidding yourself and will lead to resource shortfalls. I also adopt a 2-stage calculation process: out-of-centre shrinkage and then in-centre shrinkage, with the latter being calculated on the outcome of the former. This gives a far more accurate number as the in-centre elements can only have an impact if they are actually there.

- Thanks to Gary Saddler

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