Calculating Absenteeism Rate

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Calculating Absenteeism Rate
Need to know how can we re-calculate our absenteeism rate if we start introducing 12-hour shift in our planning. Currently our absenteeism calculation is based on this -- Sum of Unplanned Absences / Headcount * 8 * 21.

Calculating Absenteeism Rate Response
Hi Adam,

I am assuming that your formula means - Total Number of Absences (do you multiply by 8 hours of work and total number of days with absence?) over Total Expected Headcount * 8 hours * 21 days - is this correct?

I suggest to simplify - if you are computing Individual Employee Absenteeism Rate then use Number of Days Absent over Number of Days Expected to be Present/ Worked.


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Bradford Factor
It will also be worth taking a look at the Bradford Factor for measuring absence

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