Calculating Occupancy

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Calculating Occupancy
I was going through the above link to calculate the Occupancy and found below formula:
Occupancy = Total handling time / Total logged time
My Question / Clarification: Do we need to consider (Breaks/Tea Break/Aux) in Total Logged Time or is that we need to consider Total Time (Difference between First Login & Last Logout).
Please clarify me on the same.

Calculating Occupancy
Hi Yadavagiri

you want to understand how "occupied" an agent is while working, so it's best to only include productive time (i.e. - no breaks or other off phone activities).
This way you can determine how much of the phone time is spent on calls and how much is available.

p.s. You can also calculate occupancy as (Total Logged in time - available time)/Total Logged in Time

Hope this helps.


Call Centre Helper

It depends upon your circumstances
As a rule of thumb - Breaks/Tea Break should be excluded from Total Logged Time. Aux could be included depending upon how you define Aux.

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