Calculating Shrinkage - Full Time, Part Time & Attrition

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Calculating Shrinkage - Full Time, Part Time & Attrition
I'm calculating Shrinkage for our Call Centre and came across the ' Call Centre Shrinkage Calculator' which is extremely helpful! So further thought makes me think, surely this figure would change with the available hours we have? Should Shrinkage be based on our budget hours or current available hours rather than x1 FTE? We have a mixture of staff working f/t & p/t hours as well as receiving different Annual leave entitlements.

How do we include all these factors?

Should we calculate shrinkage by available hours & separately for F/T & P/T staff?

or am I completely off the mark :)

Current calc example...

Current Shrinkage based on 253 working days per year, 35 hours per week, 73.6 shrinkage days = 29.1%

With that figure, if we were to receive 50 calls within 1 hour @ 7.5 minutes = 6.25 Base Req, 9 Erlang + shrinkage = 12.69?

Help with Shrinkage
First, check that you have all the known factors that cause shrinkage. It is a good practice to list out what you cover to support your numbers.

These two Shrinkage checklists may help:
1. Agent Shrinkage Time
- Lunch / Breaks | Plan for 11.11% | Required by Law (I hope)
- Late starting a shift (use current trending)
- Leaving a shift early (use current trending)
- Absent / Sick time | company paid time - 7.40% | unpaid time - 9.00% (Weekends tend to be higher)
- Unplanned Attrition (Sh*t happens - use current trending)
- Vacation Time | Plan for ~2% annually. Summer season tends to require higher allocation %.
- Holiday's - National, local and company (plan for a % of time)
- Protected time or some would call it Medical Leave, Leave of absent, short term disability, etc. (plan for a % of time)

2. Agent Productive or working time lost due to (adjust %'s to your situation):
- Team Meetings (plan for 1.06%)
- 1-2-1 Meetings (plan for 0.51%)
- Quality Reviews (plan for 0.26%)
- Internal Meeting (plan for ?? %)
- Product Training (plan for ??%)
- Company Training (plan for?? %)
- System Issues (plan for 0.35%)
- Personal time (plan for 1.77 %)

I would first figure out the hours you need to 1. service your customers with the desired service level or 2. meet the budget with the desired occupancy. That will drive the hours required to run the center. Then add in the additional hours to cover your expected shrinkage. This way you can tell the boss what hours you need to meet service level and show her/him what shrinkage will cost in additional hours. Most people underestimate their shrinkage so it is a best practice to tag hours to all the different things that cost you agent time.

When possible use your trending numbers. Don't change your shrinkage calculations because someone else promises to do better at something in the future - unless you are sure it will happen.

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