Call Calibration Calculation

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Call Calibration Calculation
Hey Team ,
Can someone help me as how we can calculate the variance in Call Calibration which takes place between clients or internal teams . In short what formula we apply in an excel field to get the desired result. For example in case of a call being calibrated by two of the executives in one parameter one executive has marked pass and the other marked as Fail and as per master calibrator it is a Pass , so now there is a variance. My question is how we can calculate the variance in an excel file . Thanks


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Call Calibration is a process, not a calculation. It is the process of getting people to agree on one score, not take an average between two people.

Ultimately somebody has to be the judge of the score, just in the same way that a court has a judging process - either decided by a judge, or by casting votes.

We have published an article that shows a step by step process to calibration.

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