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Good Day All, I am new to call center management and would like to get some help with the following, I understand the basics from reading materials but I am just a little stock. I found your site when do a search for assessing call center data. So my problem is I need to assess the average speed of answer, the average length of calls, average hold time and average talk time, does anyone know a formula which can be used for these would be gratefully appreciated. See my data below.

Measurement Dec. 2013

Total Calls Received 1698

Total Calls Answered 1682

Total Calls Answered (within 20seconds) 1593

Total Calls Grabbed 1

Total Abandoned Calls (< 5 seconds) 0

Total Abandoned Calls (> 5 seconds) 15

Total Abandoned Calls (All) 15

Abandoned Rate (> 5 seconds) % 0

Abandoned Rate (All Calls) % 0.9

Average Speed of Answer %

Average Length of Calls

Service Level (within 20 seconds) % 93.9%

Average Hold Time ( ≤ 30 seconds)

Average Talk Time


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I think you are looking for an Erlang Calculator.

We have two versions on the web site

This is the simplest

This is the more sophisticated

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