Call Center FTE based on Calls Per month

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Call Center FTE based on Calls Per month
I am using the calculator to figure out how many FTE is needed to handle 5000 contact's per month, but is is only letting me know how many FTE needed per day. How can I get the total number per month?


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Break it down by week then by day
The way to do this is to break it down by week then by day

1. Work out the number of calls per week

Firstly there are an average of around 4.35 weeks per month

To get an accurate figure there are 365.25 days in a year (the 0.25 covers the leap year every 4 years).

So divide this by 7 to get the number of weeks in a year. 365.25 / 7 = 52.178

There are 12 months in a year. So divide 52.178 / 12 = 4.35 weeks per month.

So let's take your had 5,000 calls per month.

Calls per week = 50,000 / 4.35 = 1149 calls per week.

2. Work out the number of calls per day

Now in a contact centre the number of calls per day is not even.

An average pattern that I have found is that call volume varies across the week compared with an "average day." Typically it is highest on a Monday

Monday 120%
Tuesday 105%
Wednesday 100%
Thursday 95%
Friday 85%
Saturday 60%
Sunday 50%

These are rough averages, you will need to scale these up or down.

If you work on the peak value 120% of average.

So take 1149 calls per week. Divide by 5
1149 / 5 = 230

Multiply by 120% (For a Monday) = 230 * 1.2 = 276 Calls per peak day.

You then feed this into the Erlang Calculator

Question please
When we are computing for FTE needed per 15 min interval, do we need to consider abs% and shrinkage?


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Use an Erlang calculator
You certainly need to include shrinkage.
You can look at a prediction of abandons using the Erlang A formula in the Erlang Calculator

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