call center in north carolina in 1996

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I need a List of call centers in north carolina in 1996
I'm trying to obtain a job where the skills I acquired while employed at a call center are essential. The problem is I didn't keep a resume back then, I don't have my tax return info from then, a background check produced no employment info and I don't have the " up to 120 days" it might take for the social security admin. to get back with me. I have an address and the year I worked there. 130 franklin st fayetteville nc 28301 in 1996. Any help or any ideas on how else I can find this info would be greatly appreciated.


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Look them up in an old phone book
If you contact the Fayetteville Public Library they may have an old trade directory or phone book that gives details of the company.

You may also be able to contact the Town Hall to see if they have details.

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