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Call Center Software Solutions
We have a small 100 seat in bound call center in the Midwest. We service the direct marketing industry but specifically we have focused on one niche. That is all of our call center clients have the same backend or order management solution (OMS). This allows us to market heavily with the order management’s client base and tout the fact that we link directly to their system. Orders, inventory, pricing etc are real time so we are seamless with the rest of their business. We would like to expand our offering to clients who do not all use this specific OMS. This has me looking for a software solution that can to do all or most of the functions my clients need, without directly accessing their system.

Can anyone recommend a solution?


Call Center Software Solutions

If your search is still on - seems to me that you need custom solution to emulate the customers' softwares.

Seems is a case-by-case basis.
Would be happy to discuss more offline.


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(I have no affiliation with Liquid Contact)

Many of our customers who use Liquid Contact say good things about its ability to easily work with a number of other systems, on many levels including order management and inventory systems, and also apparently it's easy to change over time, which may be something you're wanting. - based in Oxford.

Hope that helps.


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If your search is still on - I can also agree with Cam, that Liquid is a good Agent workflow system intergrated with a number of supliers.

It is a hosted solution so much easier to implement and the Liquid team will be able to remotely keep it flexible to meet your needs.


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