call center terminology

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call center terminology
i need to know where is all the terminology information stored on the web?
or if somebody has it, i request them to shere it with me.
all call center terminology,voip terminology, bpo terminology etc..
for example what does vector directory numbers (VDNs) mean?
what are trunks?
what do you mean by a definity switch?
when was the first toll free number setup and from then till now what is the growth and advancement?

people who have the information please mail me at

best regards,

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Terminology links and some answers
Here are some Call Center or Telecomm Terminology links. The first one is probably the most useful.

When you get into specific system terminology, such as Definity, VDNs, etc... It can be difficult to find.

Definity is a Lucent brand of switch (telephone system).

VDNs are the call flows that you build to route your calls in a particular way. I found this useful conversion, if you are used to any other phone switch. It lists the switch name and then what the call flows are called:

Alcatel 400: Pilot

Aspect Call Center: Application (Also CCTs or Call Control Tables)

Ericsson ACP1000: Trunk group/called number

Lucent DEFINITY ECS: Vector Directory Number (VDN)

NEC NEAX 2400: CCV number

Nortel DMS-100: Primary or Supplementary ACD DN

Nortel Meridian: ACD Directory Number (ACD DN) or ACD Controlled Directory Number (ACD CDN)2

Rockwell Galaxy: Gate

Rockwell Spectrum: Application

Siemens Hicom 300 E: ACD Routing Table (ART)

Siemens Rolm 9005: Pilot number for ACD routing table

I'll also send this to you in email, but other people might also be interested in it.

Marianne Marrou

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