Call Centre Accreditation

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Call Centre Accreditation
Is there a recognised industry standard organisation that gives accreditation to call centres? I am thinking of recommending this to our Board as I think it will give us an edge against our competitors if we can prove that we ca meet certain standards. It just seems to be a minefield as there are very different organisations out there and they all have their own sales pitch as to why they are the best. I want value for money but I also want an accreditation that is recognised when we put that in a tender for new business.


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The two that I hear most about are the CCA and ISO accreditations


CCA Global Standard is an independent assessment and endorsement of an organisation's customer service operation.
The Standard is designed by industry, for industry and assesses the documented process, implementation and development of the customer service operation. It will align customer experience strategy to the vision, values and purposes of the organisation, identify talent capability, assess ease of access and channel strategy and enable accredited organisations to display the CCA Accredited Member recognition mark.

ISO 18295-1:2017

ISO 18295-1:2017 specifies service requirements for customer contact centres (CCC). It specifies a framework for any CCC that aims to assist in providing clients and customers with services that continuously and proactively meet or exceed their needs.

ISO 18295-1:2017 is applicable to both in-house (captive) and outsourced (third party operator) CCCs of all sizes, across all sectors and all interaction channels, including inbound and outbound. It specifies performance metrics (KPIs) as and where required.

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