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Dear collegues!

Could you recommend me two really good books: the one for call centre agents and the other one for supervisors and managing staff? The book must contain lots of practical tips and ideas. Many thanks. Tania


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I'm afraid that I cannot help too much on this. I tend to read most of my advice for this online.

A quick search of Amazon reveals these two books as coming up quite high in Amazon's ratings

The Call Center Handbook - Written by Keith Dawson

Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees by Malcolm and Peggy Carlaw

I have not read these books but I wonder if any of our readers will be able to help?

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My view for the same is, that no book can really be a step by step assist in that sense. It is an extremely real time industry and i feel keeping abreast with the latest news on the web, including the call centre helper will get u more practical tips than a book per se

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I have just started reading Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees and have found it to be pretty good. Not super deep, but it seems so far to be a good read. I think that many of the questions asked throughout the chapters of the book beg for a much more thorough investigation. ie. Chapter 2. The Look and Feel (A chapter about the setup of your call centre) - Chapters like this could be a book in themselves.

But like I said, so far so good. I figure if I even get one good idea from this book that increases my call centre's performance it will have been worth the time I spent reading it.

The call Center Handbook is good to solve your problem and provide you whole info about call center life and may be you got some innovative ideas to handle different situations.

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I agree with the fact that online is the best place to get wide spread information regularly used. However there are a few classics out there that make an interesting read, it just depends on the purpose.

Raving Fans, Gung Ho and One minute manager are all topical books by Ken Blanchard.

Eat my Frog is a great book for young/new managers/leaders and like alot of these types of books this one provides a good metaphor about doing the jobs we hate like admin etc.

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The Call Center Handbook I have found to be comprehensive and has some useful tips.

Good recommendation
I recommend the book "Contact Center Management on fast forward" by Brad Cleveland, very comprehensive.

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