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Call Centre career -
My nephew is 17 with some good GCSE’s, and has decided he would like to start work, and is looking at being a call centre operator
I’d like to advise him on how best to treat it as a career
Any suggestions
• should he start with a large company e.g. BT?
• is one sector seen as better from a career point of view than another e.g. financial services.
• Should he do temp work or try for a perm role
Any other suggestion gratefully accepted


Call Centre Helper

Avoid outbound sales centres
I would suggest that you avoid the outsourced contact centres as the culture tends not to be the most supportive.

Avoid telesales - particularly cold calling. These are the easiest to get but the job satisfaction is normally not great.

I would also go for permanent, not temp work.

Generally a well know company is better.

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