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Call Centre Management Training
Can anybody recommend a CCM or Resource Planning Training programme that you have attended in the UK..?

We are considering utilizing external training programmes and are researching the benefit of them against our in-house programmes. At this stage we are not looking to definately embark on external programmes but we are looking to analyse the content of such courses against our own.

Any useful information or advice would be appreciated,



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Drawing up the Training Needs Analysis

Jayne ! If you are looking at using an external resource to internalise your training program, you will need to specify the activities and the set up.

If you can have your e-mail posted I could forward some self help tutorials for you to qualify your needs better. My own mail id is

Alternately, we could run the open tutorial on ccv, if that is acceptable to you.

If you come across a program that passes your check let me know.




Training needs anaylsis required first

The Open University course for CC Managers, (used to be) in conjuntion with SITEL/BT and the CCA was I heard quite good, I dont know whats become of the course now.
I have experience of working with the trainers that delivered it and they were always very qualified expert training professionals full of industry experience. As for course content I didnt see it, so I wouldnt go so far as to recommend it on that basis.

Otherwise it really depends on what you want and to do that effectively you need a TNA. Its not much use comparing a potential new course against what you have if you dont know where you need to be. It might be better than you have already but a long way short of the desired goal but you wont know that unless you assess the size of your skills/knowledge gap.

I have encountered 2 week CCM courses that include Resource Plannning, again it depends on the depth and complexity you require and as I say that needs a TNA.

Thank you to the esteemed Mahidhar Thorve who can no doubt also provide practical guidance in this respect :-)


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