Call Centre Rule 75 Efficiency Gauge

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Call Centre Rule 75 Efficiency Gauge
I am developing an efficiency gauge for call centres - which I call Rule 75 - this will serve to measure efficiency levels.

This will replace traditional consultancy 'gut' feel or the usual look at SLAs and abandoned calls. This will become the adopted method of call centre health audit.

It will also act as a barometer to measure pressure levels in call centres

This is a golden opportunity for involvement by developer and/or consultancy to pilot.

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hi prit..

sound like a good idea.. could you send me additional details..



Call Centre Rule 75 Efficiency Gauge
hi , great idea.
i would be glad to receive some details
by mail at

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Rule 75 effecincy Gauge
Hi Prit,

Your idea sounds great!!!
Will you please send me some more details about it at


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Call Centre Rule 75 Efficiency Gauge
Sounds interesting!
Could you please send me more details. I will be happy to help.

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Rule 75

Could you send me some information please. I would be very interested.

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What about...

Interested that you feel the current accepted method is "gut feel" or based on SLAs.

SLAs are not a method for measuring efficiency, they are a method for measuring service standard. You can have a very efficient centre delivering a very low SLA if that is the required level of service; or you can have (often the case) very good levels of service delivered very inefficiently. (etc)
Gut feel is always only the precursor to detailed analysis so (?)

As far as I am aware, efficiency is measure through agent utilisation, seat occupancy, cost per call (etc). If you are suggesting that you can create a single tool to measure all of these and give you a quantitative efficiency "grade" as a result then great, but I suspect the amount of manual variables inputs will prove a challenge. Good luck.

You state "This will become the adopted method of call centre health audit." - may I ask by whom, and how will you influence the industry to buy into your theory?

I suspect this may be too soon in your development to throw open to industry input into design - unless you have an actual design concept, complete with the maths & theory to support the answer?

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Rule 75
Dylan raises some good points. It's tough to wrap everything up in a bundle and tell someone "here's your efficiency." Plus, the definition of efficiency will not be the same for all organizations. An outbound center, for instance, is more concerned with producing as many leads/sales/surveys as possible whereas an inbound center is more concerned with fielding and servicing calls as quickly (efficiency) and thoroughly (quality) as possible. And let's not forget blended centers, where outbound and inbound calls occur dynamically. Obviously, the two cannot be measured by the same standard, so your Rule 75 system should be able to address this issue.

And efficiency can apply to various levels in a call center, such as software/hardware efficiency (voice/data sync, AM detects, abandons, etc.), agent efficiency (avg. talk length, wrap-up time, etc.), staffing efficiency (turn-over, seat occupancy, etc.), and sample/list efficiency (X amount of sample to produce X amount of results). If you're proposing that all these factors can be incorporated into a single number, I'm not sure how meaningful that metric will be. In my experience, you use thresholds to manage the daily variables of the call center (ie. minimum seats/hours to hit targets, min. sample/records to run full shift, min. staff scheduled to hit min. seats filled, etc.). But to combine all these thresholds into one number would mean very little to me. Prit, perhaps you've already taken this into consideration and it's a moot point by now. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents =)

Tending to Agree with the Skeptics Here
Would be remarkable if one tool would do all of the above, but I am certainly willing to take a closer look if you would like.

You may email me but bare in mind that we reject all attachments out of necessity these days. So an url would be highly desirable as I assume this
will be a big block of data ?

Steve Howell

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