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Hi All

Been down the start up road before but currently looking at a start up for an out-bound B2C start up for up to 25 seats initially. The model will function with full FSA compliance and will encompass multi skilled agents as we will be looking to incorporate some out-source work at a later stage.

I have a picture of what we need, but am looking for some tips/discussion/advice/thoughts call it what you will, based on others expertise or personal recommendations when it comes to phone systems, crm software, providers etc. The pros and cons and the good and bad providers of an in house dialling solution against hosted options for eg? Voip or ISDN?

As for an outline of the plan so far well;

15 seats initially raising to 25 quite quickly but should be able to upscale and or downscale

Mainly outbound but with inbound CS being integral to the operation

Must have full call recording preferably onsite, taking into account the new PCI Compliance as we will for some products be taking payment from consumers.

Preferably need email and text capabilities per agent but not absolute

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the above


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I'll let other handle their technology recommendations.

I would still go for ISDN over Voip as the speech quality seems to still be better.

As regards to the outsourced market you will find quite a large amount of over-capacity with quite a number of operators not being able to make any money.

Hi Jonty

Thanks for the reply much appreciated, ISDN does without a doubt offer better quality thats pretty much a given, but there do seem to be more and more hosted solutions coming to market that are VOIP based, we would probably go for a mix of the two but at this stage we still trying to clarify that. I have a couple of meetings set up but intend to seek out the best deal we can find of course.

With regard to the outsourcing we have contracts already drawn up for a small niche market, a subset of our core products that we have been asked to “look after” on an inbound basis by one of our suppliers.

Forgot to mention we will also need both predictive and power dialling.

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Are you considering having a hosted CC or a CC on-site that you own or lease?

Looking at both options at this stage

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OK...its hard for me to really answer as I know you're not allowed to advertise on the site!

Jonty - I'm new on here, am I allowed to give my company website out so he can look through what is available and what can be done these days?

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