Call centre, telemarketing software

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Call centre, telemarketing software
I am in process of setting up a telemarketing / call centre. Looking at about 15-20 seats initially.

I need some software to store and manage the call lists, must be easy to use (I cannot afford a lot of agent training) for agents, and for the administrators, must have scripting, customisation or screens, scripts, etc.

Budgets are an issue, since we are a startup.

Anyone have any pointers or suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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Call Centre TeleMarketing Software
Hi John

Two quick questions.

1) You say you're a start up. What do you envisage final numbers might be? Might help build a case for some investment.

2) Are you looking for something to bridge a gap until further investment is agreed? In which case I might know a man who can so to speak!

If you want to give me a call, I've been in your position many times and would be happy to chat with you. 01475 650286


PS: I'm not a supplier - I'm an end user like you! :)

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Hello John,

I work for a company called Call Centre Technology who are specialists in the call centre channel and would more than happy to talk through the different requirements you have. Should you wish to discuss this further, please contact me either via email ( or on my direct number 0117 311 5808.

I look forward to hearing from you

Jack Harman

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Bharti Infotrac

hi John
I am agreed with sharon.

There is few question need to be answered
1. No. of seates
2. Recording of sale calls
3. Automated Dialling or Manual Dialling.

Number of seates is a big issue. If you are planning to increase the seates in near future then you should go for some dialer software like Davox or others that cost in millions.

Else if you want to reamin with same number of seates then my suggestion is you should go for any small customize application for your requirement which cost you only few hundred dollars.

I am working in technology department with a big Call Centre in India. Feel free to mail me at ,i might help you.

thanks & regards

arun rakwal

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Call Centre Telemarketing Software
Hi John

If it is of help i have a meeting set up with Sharon Watkins @ Caledonian Macbrayne designed to explore certain aspects within in a call centre if you would like to call me on 0208 326 8247 i will be able to explain further
i can certainly see some scope with part of it

Kind Regards

John Nutley

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Call centre, telemarketing software
Dear all
Thanks for all your replies.

To cover a few questions....

Number of seats - Now concluded on 12 seats. In terms of investment Sharon, a very good point you make. For now, I guess early days are proving ground for company, but not likely to have more seats for another year or so.

Software budget - Per seat budget cannot be more than £800, with additional costs for headsets etc. Already have PCs, accommodation, desks and all the other mundane stuff.

Final software solution or bridge-the-gap - I had hoped to have a solution that gave me all requirements for the £800. I think the solution chosen now should be capable of sustaining our requirements for next few years.

Jack - thanks for your reply. Having looked at your web site, and considering our budgets, I guess the solutions you offer may be out of reach for us.

Arun - Dialing will be manual, with no predictive dialing, but certainly progressive dialing is a must.

Recording conversations is not paramount, but I know providers of less complex solutions that cost £200/seat.

Any further comments are very welcome!!
John W

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Hi John

Greetings from the less than sunny West Coast of Scotland.

Have you thought about getting a web programmer (one man band) in? You could buy a lot of development time with £8,000. Providing your logic and database requirements are relatively simple, you should get all the functionality you want.
You can grow it with you.

I used this route for a direct mortgage contract, was able to collect all data for a mortgage application, create call lists and have it interfacing with a web based dialler. Didn't cost me anywhere near £8K.

If you're only 15 - 20 seats there won't be a performance issue with an intranet. Give me a bell if you want to chat about it.

Best Regards


simplis-IT:web development

web interfaces
You can do quite a lot with server side programs, using webpage interfaces.

Database driven applications with webpage interfaces is one of my specialities, so if you want to discuss this avenue, then drop me a line. As always, my advice is free.



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Nice one Andrew.

I'm glad you share my view. I think it's an avenue that is often overlooked because it's viewed as 'too tekkie' by the Marketing Bods and since I'm both a Tekkie and a Marketeer, I'm not too frightened by it.

John W - Suggest you take Andrew up on his offer. I think you'll be pleased with the functionality you can get with very little (comparitively) investment.

Cheers Both.

SDW :)


Global Span Technologies Inc.

Call centre, telemarketing software
Try it before you buy, by sending me an email. I can Log you in from anywhere in the world and you can watch this dialer work, Live! You can even upload a small list and try it out yourself, before you ever buy! Know what you are buying, before you pay for it.

A traditional predictive dialer offers very attractive productivity benefits, but represents a major investment of resources. The price of the dialer itself can run in the six figures, and that is only the beginning. In addition to annual support contracts (18% or more of the original dialer cost, every year), there is telephony, switch installation and support, IT support, and periodic upgrades. In the past, the magnitude of investment required has meant that only larger call centers have been able to use predictive dialing technology. Dialocity, however, changes the equation.

Dialocity is a service; you pay for what you use, when you use it, nothing more. No equipment to buy (assuming you have computers hooked up to the Internet), no service contracts, no capital expenditures.

Dialocity is billed at a low hourly rate plus long distance charges. The hourly service fee is based on the number of hours your CSRs spend logged on to the system each month. This fee is discounted based on volume; the more hours your agents log in a month, the lower your per-hour charge. All calls placed through Dialocity are charged at competitive rates, with volume discounts in place. Dialocity is priced to deliver an attractive ROI vs. manual dialing.

Dialocity requires no long-term commitments: try it, and if it doesn't improve productivity and boost the bottom line, simply stop using it. No obsolete equipment sitting idle in a corner of the office, and no long tern contracts to break.

I would be happy to set up a demo with you. Email me@

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Hi John,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website; I understand your sentiments about what you might think about budgets and so forth, these however are things that we can talk to you about in more depth about as we would like nothing more than developing a relationship with yourself to help deliver you call centre project.

Please call me on 0117 311 5808 and I can talk you through how we can help you as there are many options open to you.

All the best John


Internal Sales Executive
Call Centre Technology
0117 311 5808

Senior Internal Executive

Call Centre Technology


Dear all,

Many apologies for the appalling grammar in the last entry, it was just one of those days!!

Keep smiling



XRL Communications Ltd

Setting up a call centre

Just as a matter of interest, if you want to set up an inbound and outbound call centre, you can go virtual on the inbound side

In other words, your almost unlimited voicemail, queueing, IVR, callback, area routing, out of hours, pin entry, stats, disaster recovery, can all be handled without hitting your PBX. It is already used by Coke, IBM etc so definietly works! Calls can go to home and mobiles as well.

Obviously this works well for existing call centres as well.

Costs are from £1000 set up and £500 per month for this.

Just mentioned this as it may be of interest, however, have fun and I hope it all goes well for you John



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