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Call Logging/Tagging
Hello everyone I am looking for articles or previous questions regarding bets practices on setting up a call tagging system (as yet not a CMS but could be its predecessor). And I could not find any.
Are you aware of any best practices
Some questions I have are:
Example in the case of a new product launch, do you do a different subtype for a query and another subtype for an actual activation request? This would mean a very long list as most subtypes would be doubled. Yet if you need to support a case for the development of self help you do need to identify between the 2.
Is there a suggested limit of types and subtypes?
Any other advice or maybe indicate me to the right article
Thanks ina advance


Call Centre Helper

Limit is to just 6-9 call types
if you have more than 6 - 9 call types then data integrity will become a problem.

It would be better to use speech or data analytics to do the categorisation for you

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