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I'm having a dispute with 3mobile, who claim I verbally entered into a contract renewel with their call centre, which I did not! I've asked them to prove this by sending me the call recording, which I am waiting for them to "locate"!?

The call took place nov 2008, what are the chances of them having this call as it is over the 6 months retention period put in place. Is it illegal to keep calls over this 6 months? with it being over 6 months would the phone call be valid evidence anyway?

I'm very interested to hear the conversation and the mis selling conducted by 3 mobile.

thanks in advance.



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I would imagine that 3mobile would keep their call recordings for more than 3 months so this should help to resolve the situation.

You can access the call recordings under the Data Protection Act. They suggest sending a letter in writing along the lines of

"Under the Data Protection Act 1998, please send me a copy of all the information you hold about me.

If you need more information from me, or if you make a charge, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you do not normally handle these requests, please pass this letter to your Data Protection Officer or another appropriate person."

If they do not have the call recording then it is hard for them to claim that you renewed the contract.

Also in disputes if you paid by credit card it is possible that the card provider may be able to help sort things out for you.

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Coming from company that installs call recording systems a company can keep call recording records archived for many years depending on their best practice procedure.

I have supplied call recording to companies who sell contracts to people over the phone they are asked to have this as part of their contract with people such as Orange and other mobile phone providers.

If they recover your own recorded call it will highlight what has been agreed to

Be interesting to see what the outcome is Claire


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Thanks for your help guys!

The adviser I spoke to on monday said he was going to pass it on to his TL and then they would ring me back in a day or so.... still heard nothing. So I am going to ring them tomorrow. Interesting that the adviser mentioned they might not even have the recording as its over 6 months, which indicates that that is the length of time 3 mobile keep the recordings?!

I'll see what happens when i ring them as I was definitely mis-sold the contract and would never have knowingly signed up to another 18 months as they are pretty poor compared to their competitors.

Thanks again - claire

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