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I am developing a proposal for the implementation of call recording software within a small (50 seat) contact centre. Could anyone help in providing indicative high level costs for this please?

Thank you


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Hi Nicola

This would be hard to do as this would conflict with the advertising rules on the forum

What is name of your contact centre

Some typical questions we would need to ask are:

What is the name of the telphone/pbx system

What is the model name and number of the handsets to be recorded

How many supervisors do you have

How many telephone calls would you need to record per month

Are the recordings for training & appraisals

Are the recordings for protection against disputes

Are the recordings for a mixture of both

Also will you be taking credit card payments over the phone

This should cover what we need to know



How many ISDN Lines to you have etc 8/16/30

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Hi Nicola,

In my previous employment I had experience of this sort of implementation in the outsourced call centre I used to work in. Are you looking to keep your existing software and just want a call recording add-on or a contact centre software? Happy to discuss the options {DETAILS REMOVED }

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Hi Nicola,

Call Recording is available as both onsite physical equipment, or as a hosted service, which are both priced differently. The price of an onsite system is very much dependant on the type of telephony in your contact centre (analogue, digital, voip), while hosted solutions are typically priced on the volume of calls per month. Prices can then differ further dependant on any extra functionality required (quality monitoring, screen recording, PCI compliance).

Call Recording is a specialist technology so for any budgetary costs for your proposal I would advise talking to a specialist provider, preferably independent, so you can get an idea of costings for different systems and advice on the best solution designed to match your needs and budget.

Kind Regards,

Guy Hannah


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Nicola. It is all highly dependent upon configuration, but if it's any help I was recently requested to get a budgetary price for 60 channels of SIP recording 24 hours a a day.

The figure I was given was approx £11k, fully installed and including 1st year software support. If you scaled this down to say £10K, you would not be too far off.

You may be able to spread the cost with a hosted/cloud based solution.

Hope this helps.

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