Call Routing Software

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Call Routing Software

My organization uses an internally built program to assign calls from our outbound contact agents to its front line recruiters.

This program is stand-alone and not tied to any agent phone software or our crm system due in part to cost.

In the beginning, the program was perfect but as we have grown as an organization we have begun to route to agents based on more than 1 method (i.e. an agent is a specialist in more than 1 category).

We need a way to route calls to agents but look at balancing routed calls across each individual specialty, not just a top line sum of transfers.

Is there any program that can be purchased\licensed that can accommodate that or that I should start to look in to?



Call Centre Helper

Automatic Call Distributor
It sounds like you need an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). This will distribute calls to the advisor who has been waiting longest for a call.

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