Calling China with a power dialler

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Calling China with a power dialler
we have been calling china with a power dialler for research purposes. Our telecoms provider informed us that our calls were being blocked by carriers in china and we can not use a dialler in china, we know that calling the American mobiles with a dialler is illegal. Has anyone else called China using a dialler and have you experienced problems?


Call Centre Helper

Strict restrictions
China as with many countries has strict restrictions on the telecommunications network.

If you have a high-volume of unanswered outbound calls, your calls will be probably get blocked. There is also the potential for legal action being taken against you.

It is very important that you study the laws of the country that you are dialling before you make calls.

I would suggest that many of the problems that you have may be alleviated if you move form predictive dialling to preview dialling.

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